SteelSeries Siberia V3 review - Follow-up to V2?

SteelSeries updated the Siberia gaming headset line-up, adding two V3 types, a new Siberia Elite, and a budget Siberia Raw. Let's take a look at Siberia V3, the analogue version.

There are few gaming headsets I'd openly recommend. Except HyperX Cloud, Logitech G230, SteelSeries 9H and H-Wireless, I can't think of any other gamer-oriented cans that are actually worth buying. Most models I tried don't account for sound and comfort, but instead focus heavily on aesthetics. After all, if it's pretty it sells, right?

When sound comes to play, the pummeling bass is almost always king. SteelSeries is guilty of this too, since H-Wireless and even Siberia Elite had a loud potent rumble looming over the signature. Though the amount was overbearing, the bass-quality was at least decent enough.

SteelSeries Siberia V3 - Product Image

What I am trying to say is gaming cans have been experimented with, gimmicked with (is that even a word?), designed over and over, but almost never got right. If build-quality is great, the audio suffers; if audio is just right (though that's really rare), then it's not comfortable or build is terrible; is build, audio and comfort are just right, the headset is a lot more expensive than it should be. Try as you might, but most gaming headsets go for looks, flashy lights, surround (including jamming multiple drivers in one cup) sound, but forget build-quality, comfort, or just plain clear, detailed audio.

With this incredibly bleak intro out of the way, it's time to see if Siberia V3 commits any of the aforementioned sins. I'll give it a chance to impress, though I'll still put it side by side with HyperX Cloud and BrainWavz HM5.

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