ASUS Strix Claw gaming mouse review - Building a formula

ASUS has updated their Strix series, adding 3-new peripherals: a mouse, multi-driver surround headset & keyboard. Let's tear into the Palm-Grip mouse Strix Claw. Confused? No? Good, 'cuz I'm going to repeat that half-a-dozen times (at least).

There are hundreds of gaming mice on the market, and the big-companies keep upgrading and updating their roster each and every year. Trying to make yourself known in this market is like trying to hammer a nail in the wall using your forehead. You might be able to do it, but most likely, it will hurt a lot and the nail will just stick there. Sadly, there are so many new brands popping up that the wall is kinda full-up by now.

Right, tortured metaphors aside, the point is there are a lot of gaming mice and gaming brands out there, and more are coming. To succeed these days, you need a bloody massive R&D budget, and some damn impresive products, because gamers are fickle folk. Word of mouth sells a helluva lot more than nice trailers and marshmallow-voiced narrators. ASUS seems to have got this point (finally) and revamped their RoG line-up, and packed the Strix peripherals with some goods on the side.

ASUS Strix Claw - Product Shot

This is my segway into talking about Strix Claw, the most confusing named mouse I've seen recently. While I imagine its named claw because of the owl's talons or some other similar train-of-thought, ASUS seems to have forgotten that there is such a thing as claw-grip (aptfully named by the clever marketing team from Razer a few years back), considering the Claw fits nicely in the palm-grip category. 

Now, let's see what Strix Claw has to show. Is ASUS using their forehead to drive a nail through the wall? Or are they using a hammer?

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