ASUS Strix Claw gaming mouse review - Building a formula

Price & Value

As you might have guessed, ASUS considers Strix Claw a mid-range gaming-mouse. It's currently available $65, which puts it against some stiff competition: Mionix Naos 7000, SteelSeries Rival, Logitech G402, Roccat Kone Pure, all of them great gaming mice fighting for a bit of spotlight.  

Its also worth noting that most of the competition is more adept at providing a good mix of build-quality, and performance than Strix Claw.


ASUS has found a hammer to drive their nail into the wall, and they did a pretty good job. Sure, it's still sticking out a bit, and the $65.00 tag makes me think they also wanted to use their forehead a little; since the price puts it in a very competitive space.

Strix Claw is a good mouse. It's not a premium build, but it doesn't try to be (that's what ROG is for, right?). It features a pixel-perfect sensor, and good ergonomics and a consistent build-quality.

What about Strix Glide?  When it comes to gaming mats, ASUS still has a lot of work ahead of them. The mat is well-built, but it needs to have a grippier bottom, mayhaps a smoother surface too.


Pros Cons


- Consistent build-quality;

- Easy to use software bundle;
- Great ergonomics;
- Excellent sensor;

- Scroll wheel is slightly off;
- Kinda pricey;

Build:           7.4 8.0 Sensor:           9.6
Ergonomics: 9.0 Features:        8.4

Design:        9.0

Value:             7.4




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