ASUS Strix Claw gaming mouse review - Building a formula


Writing about peripheral performance, there are things that cannot be adressed. Performance implies the mouse / keyboard's capacity. Often that's not something that can be measured. One could do some tests for the sensor, check if it has jitter, acceleration, or any tracking issues, but other than that much of the experience is subjective.


Strix Claw uses an optical sensor, the Pixart PMW 3310 optical sensor, used on mice like SteelSeries' Rival. From what I can tell, it's behavior is spot one. There's little to no acceleration, negative or positive, and only a small amount of jitter.


After I was three paragraphs in writing this review, I noticed a small box, under the glamour shot, touting the mouse was designed for all grip-types. I took that personally, especially since I already wrote that it primarily favors palm-grip users (which don't get me wrong, I still believe it does).

I have to concede however, Strix Claw has something to say to other grips. Fingertip users will find button positioning to be quite adequate; claw-grip folk will find the lightweight construction and raised bottom comfortable; palm-grip, well you get the chance to rest your entire hand on it, and still be able to press all buttons with ease.

Speaking of buttons, they all have a nice tactile feedback, and the use of D2F-01N for left & right click was a good choice since it requires less force than D2FN-F-FN to be actuated, therefore easier to press, even from the back.


How can one accurately detail if a gaming mouse is better than another one while playing? If it feels good in hand, and the sensor is accurate, what more can you say? Not much; After the burn-in period, when you try the mouse in various instances, and get an impression of what you should expect, your opinion starts to get built. While some users might not care at all for the soft, that also has something to say about the final product.

What about Strix Claw then? I can't complain. It has fantastic clickety-click action, the tracking is excellent in games that like raw-input, and I got used to its shape really quickly. The software could use some expanding, but other than that, I have no complaints.

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