ASUS Strix Claw gaming mouse review - Building a formula


Since it's mandatory to have a software package if you want to be called gaming-peripheral, ASUS has worked on building something for the Strix series from the ground up. Is it any good? Well, it's rudimentary, but it works perfectly. It covers the basics, at the very least, featuring: app specific macros, surface calibration, DPI & Polling rate, it's all there. 

What's odd is if you have a multi-screen set-up, you won't be able to move the window away from the main screen. You can move it around on, but once you try to bring it on a secondary one, it glides back to its original position.

That's not an inconvenience, but a rather odd quirk I found while playing around with the soft. Still, let's take a look at what available options there are:


Also known as the main window. Here you can change the button assignments according to the profile you're using. The Profiles tab also allows you to link an application to a Selected Profile (key assignments, performance options).

ASUS Strix Claw - Profile


The second tab is Performance, where you can find the DPI adjustment options (4-stages to select, plus an additional DPI-Clutch stage). The Pixart PMW3310 sensor is able to go from 50DPI to 5000DPI in increments of 50DPI.

ASUS Strix Claw - Performance

Performance is also where you find lift-off distance, where you can choose between 1 to 10. What each step means, I have no idea. There's also a calibration option that requires you to move the mouse around for a couple of seconds. Finally, there are polling rate options, with the classical stages 125Hz, 500Hz and 1000Hz (here ASUS puts the accurate response rate in brackets).


Since the mouse has lights: scroll wheel and owl logo shine with a bright yellow color, there are option to either turn them off or keep them lit. 

ASUS Strix Claw - Lighting


Though it's a shooter first gaming mouse, it also has some macro-functions enabled. These are rather basic. You can create a 32-character long macro, which you can tinker around with, after you're done recording.

ASUS Strix Claw - Macro

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