SteelSeries Siberia RAW Prism headset review - Budget frost

Price & Value

 SteelSeries sells Siberia RAW Prism at $59.99, which puts it squarely in the budget bracket alongside Creative SB Inferno, TurtleBeach X12 and Logitech G230. While I am not entirely sure it sounds better than all the aforementioned models, it can still holds its own. In fact, it can take on pricier headsets (like Tesoro's Kuven) and still come-out on top, at least in terms of audio quality.


RAW Prism is the budget entry SteelSeries' Siberia line-up needed. A traditional looking headset with decent audio that may still have some issues, but manages to remain a worthwile proposition. 

What I don't like is the plasticky build, the shallow ear-cups, and sound-bleeding from the drivers into the ultra-sensitive omni-directional mic. Thankfully, the flat-ish signature and the Engine 3's customizability kinda makes up for the aforementioned downsides.

For the next-gen prism, it would be fantastic if the headset would use the same headband construction as the Flux Luxury Edition, with a cushion instead of rubber, a proper retractable mic, and better cups.


Pros Cons


 - Almost flat signature;

- Engine 5-band EQ;
- Great Price;


- Tiny soundstage;

- Sensitive omni-directional mic;
- Plasticky build;


Build Quality

6.5 7.6 Audio-Quality


8.3 Microphone



Price & Value




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