ASUS Strix Tactic Pro review - A proper mechanical keyboard

First Look

There are two ways to package a mechanical keyboard. You can cheaply and quickly wrap in a plastic bag then put in a box, or take note of its mechanical sensibilities, and put some accessories to sweeten the deal. Strix Tactic Pro is in the latter category, adding a simple keycap plastic puller and 4-additional orange-colored caps. 

The keyboard features traditional Cherry-MX switches, and all four standard variants: MX-Black, MX-Red, MX-Brown, and MX Blue are available.

ASUS Strix Tactic Pro - Switches 

I got the MX-Brown model for this review, and after about a week or use, I can safely say Strix Tactic features the same feedback as my CoolerMaster QuickFire Pro, or Logitech's G910. There's one slight difference in sound, since I feel that ASUS has opted for a different type-o-steel plating, resulting in a louder clackity-clack-clack if you bottom it out.


ASUS has opted for laser-etched keycaps with a custom print. The plastic seems to be of high-quality make, though it seems to be slightly stiffer than the PBS plastic standard. 

ASUS Strix Tactic Pro - Keycaps 


The mech features a standard ANSI layout with 2-additional rows of Macro keys. If you decide to purchase a new or custom keyset, you should be able to replace every available key with ease. 

The build

It's obvious ASUS has gone for a very solid and aesthetically pleasing design. The mech is housed in a very thick, quality plastic. As expected, it comes with angular edges, and some extraneous lights, particularly for the Strix logo. Clocking in at 1.56kg, Strix Tactic Pro is a bit heavier (and bulkier) than similarly sized counterparts. 

Multimedia and backlighting

It seems Strix Tactic Pro learned a thing or two from Logitech (and Corsair) opting to use dedicated media controls, namely a small volume-wheel, and Play / Pause / Mute / Forward / Rewind buttons, positioned right above the Numpad.  

Backlighting options are somewhat rudimentary, and cannot be controlled via the software. You have 4-lighting intensity stages and two modes: Breathing and Steady.

Wrist Rest

Or lack thereof. Strix comes with no wrist-rest, and that's probably the first and most frustrating gripe I have with it. You see, by design, it's a tall, meaning your hands will be inclined up, resting on the desk. At first it's not a big deal, but after 3 hours in front of the PC, your wrist will start to hurt.

This is where a wrist-rest would help a lot, and in Strix Tactic's Pro it should be mandatory due to its shape. 


Strix comes with an upward slope design from the start. It sits on the desk so well that I think it could teach Strix Glide Speed a thing or two about proper grip.

 ASUS Strix Tactic Pro - Underside

Two grippy feet with rubber bottoms are positioned at the back, but if you lift them, you'll notice they use a different type of rubber, and don't have the same grip.


The cable length should be around 1.8 meter, according to the packaging, ending with a single USB plug. This is partly because the keyboard doesn't have an additional USB / Audio hub.

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