ASUS Strix Tactic Pro review - A proper mechanical keyboard


When it comes to comfort, the keyboard is a hit & miss. It's a robust build, and the MX-switches have exactly the right-type of feedback, when bottoming out or subtly pressing them up. However, the lack of a wrist-rest is really frustrating. I have reviewed a number of keyboards with no wrist rest, and at the end of the day, I was willing to gloss over it. Here, not so much, since the mech has a very tall garde and that causes strain on the wrists.

ASUS advertises NKRO for Strix Tactic Pro, and after using around 3 different methods of testing, I am happy to report that the NKRO works as advertised. 

 ASUS Strix Tactic Pro - Key Test

Worth mentioning is ASUS has packed the keyboard only with NKRO from the get-go, no 6KRO / 2KRO or any other compatbility mode.


You might be buying this keyboard for gaming primarily, so you would be interested in its performance in this department first and foremost. Even if its debateable if a peripheral can improve your performance while playing, there are plenty of options that may at least change the way you perform.

First thing first, the macro options. A max of 32 keys might be an exceptional amount for many a game, but the limit seems oddly restrictive. I played a game like Besiege in the last few weeks, and discovered that if I wanted some really complex mechanics to run, I needed a whole lotta more keys being pressed at the right time just to make joints work properly. This situation was one of the few times when I missed the 100+ key-press macro recording software.

Using the mech in combo with FN allows you to record macros without going through the software pack, and also swtich to Game-Mode if need be.

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