Fractal Design Define R5 case review - Full-on minimalism


With everything installed, the panels in place, and the machine turned on, R5s sound-dampening is genuinely impressive. Completely close, the case is nigh-on inaudible, but once the front-panel is opened, an increase in sound is almost instantly apparent. The only clear indication the machine is running is a blue LED atop, clearly visible with the door open or shut.

Temperature and noise

Let's keep to the figures though, since these are the important ones. The first reading is with the panels neatly secured, and the second is all of it stripped down to its bare minimum. The difference between the two should reflect the noise-dampening performance, as well as air-flow.

I compiled the table below to showcase the temperature difference between the chassis with all panels added and one with only the frame:

  With Panels Without Panels
CPU Temp Idle 38°C 37°C
CPU Temp Load 58°C 55°C
Motherboard Temperature 31°C 30°C
Noise level 30dB 39dB

The registered noise, was with the switch on the fan controller turned to the highest setting. The chassis is exceptionally silent, and is almost inaudible at 50cm away.

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