Fractal Design Define R5 case review - Full-on minimalism

Test Set-up

System Config


Intel Core i5-3340K @ 3.10GHz


Xigmantek Aegir


Biostar Z77x Hi-Fi


16GB DDR3-1600


OCZ Vertex 460 SATA III

Video cards

AMD Radeon R9 280X


Samsung SyncMaster 2433


Inwin Desert Fox 800W


For the results available below, I booted Windows and kept the case in Idle for about 30 minutes at first, then I prepared a number of load-tests, and let it return to idle for another five minutes. I recorded the highest CPU & Motherboard temperature, and compared the differences between open-frame, with every panel removed, and an enclosed one.

The load benchmarks are Prime95 and Furmark respectively, and the temperature was registered by RealTemp 3.7 and SpeedFan 4.49.

Since being silent is a feature on this case, I also used a sound-meter 50cm away from the bench, and registered the noise-level.

For the test, the room temperature is kept at a steady 26°C.

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