Lenovo ThinkStation P500 review - Dedicated workstation


Lenovo offers a comprehensive list of upgrades and changes to the P500 basic package. While the basic package, the one featuring no primary video-adapter and an Intel Xeon ET-1607 is available for $1502. Of course, you could sink in even more than $10.000 on the top configuration, the one with a Xeon E-2643 V3 and a Quadro K6000 GPU.\

The sample we used for this review is available for about $3180 and for that price you get an X99 workstation with Intel Xeon ES-1620 v3 and an Nvidia Quadro K2200 GPU. The package is quite interesting, despite having to shell several thousand dollars to get a proper workstation. While the basic package needs after-market investments, the mid-range model we received is versatile enough to handle most tasks admirably, and with a GPU upgrade, P500 could be an absolute beast.


P500 seems to meet most workstation demands, whilst embracing the new X99 platform happily. The 20011-E haswell processor is capable of handling most heavy-duty media encoding and advanced CAD workflow with ease. While our model came with 16GB of RAM, you can stack up to 64GB of DDR4 memory in it, with a maximum frequency of 2133Mhz. 

The GPU is most often the sore-point in workstations however, since proffessional use GPUs are never cheap. Even the underpowered K2200 is about $600 on the market, and you would buy such a video-card not for its performance primarily, but its reliability. Added performance may often exponential increase in the price. Lenovo offers a wide array of NVidia GPUs for the bundle, from the basic NVS315 to NVidia's monster the K6000, and the price differences match the ones you'd get if you bought the GPU yourself.

There are some issues with it, most importantly, the cable management could be improved, and some of the software bundles pre-installed seem to be unnecessary at best, frustrating at worse, but those are minor issues, most assuredly not something deal-breaking.

Overall, the P500 is a balanced mid-range workstation, able to handle most tasks you throw at it, though not necesssarily excelling at any of them.


Pros Cons

- Above average performance;
- Stays cool under heavy workloads;
- Excellent build-quality;

 - Cable Management could be improved
- Not the most quiet;




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Cooling and Noise

7.5 Features

Power Consumption


Price & Value



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