Logitech announced the G303 Daedalus Apex mouse

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Logitech has announced the G303 Daedalus Apex Performance Edition gaming mouse, an updated model designed on feedback from the enthusiast and eSports community.

Logitech's new mouse looks very similar to November's G302, since its based on the same symmetrical design of the original. However, it comes with very significant changes on the inside. G303 has replaced the original sensor used in the G302 and replaced with the with the exceptionally accurate optical sensor used first in G502, the Delta ZERO or Pixart PMW3366.

Logitech G303 Blue RightProfile

The PMW3366 is an optical sensor capable of tracking at a sensitivity of up to 12,000 DPI, and is free of issues like acceleration and smoothing. It's accurate for speeds of up 300-inches per second.

With the release of the original G302, Logitech designed it as a MOBA mouse, not necessarily capable of handling quick movements, specific to twitch reaction you'd see in FPS gaming. Yet, considering G502 is somewhat bulky, and heavy, many FPS players liked the small, lightweight design of the G302. As such, G303 was born. It might have the body of G302, but it has a much more capable sensor.

Of course, the "upgrade" means the mouse is slightly pricier, and will be made available at $70. Though symmetrical, the mouse isn't ambidextrous. There are two buttons only on the left side, and the right and left click buttons have a very short travel time for quick-clicks. It also weighs only 87 grams, comes with a braided cable, and features RGB lighting.


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