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Today, I intend to take a look at something I don't write about, a PSU from FSP Group, namely the Hyper 700W. Now this should be interesting, since it's the first PSU I have under the magnifying glass.

While FSP Group has been around since 1993, they're not really not known today, even though they are one of the largest OEM power-supply vendors in the world. Besides PC-power supplies, they're industrial and open-frame manufacturers, PSUs, adapters, medical and LCD TV power-products, as well as UPSs. They're a pretty large company that has almost no footprint in the consumer sector, or at least no directly.

So, when the FSP Hyper 700W popped up out of thin air on my desk, the first thing I did was wonder where FSP has been for the past few years, because since the release of BlueStorm back in 2005, I haven't heard of any products with their make. Maybe they're still making PSUs, but I have no idea what their newest line of products has to say.

FSP Hyper 700 - Product Shot 

So let's take a look at a less known brand, not because its a small one, but one that is perfectly satisfied with its OEM status, and doesn't dirtectly sell to consumers. We shall do so by reviewing their FSP Hyper 700W PSU.

Today I'll be putting the Hyper 700w model through its paces to see just how it compares to some of the other units on the market.

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