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First Look

The packaging is colorful, enough to be placed next to established sellers like Corsair, or Cougar; but not necessarily special. You have a Glamour shot on the front with the PSU fan, and an Intel Haswell compatible sticker next to it. Meanwhile the back is full of important details, like the connectors the PSU comes with, features and an output power table.

Inside you get a Hyper 700 Manual, 4-atx thumbscrewes, the PSU itself and a power chord. 

The massive bundle of cables are held together by a velcro strap, which is a nice addition over the classic cable-tie. It could later be used to neatly arrange the cables inside the case.

In terms of connectivity, the PSU has a standard set-up, with 4x PCI-E, 8x SATA and 2x MOLEX, and 1x Floppy. For the SATA arrays, FSP has used 50mm intervals to ease SATA device installation.

FSP Hyper 700 - Cabling

It's also a good job FSP have sleeved all cables leaving only leaving the ends free. All connectors are finished in black, and the molex connectors feature an "easy grip" design for easy removal.

ATX connector is a 20+4 pin, and the 8-Pin EPS12V connector can be split in half, providing the user with the 4-Pin P4-12v connector. With 8xSATA connectors, 2xMolex connectors, and even a Floppy one, you should be able to plug pretty much any mid-range set-up in this PSU.

FSP Hyper 700 - Back

A medium-sized on/off rocker switch with AC input sits at the back of the unit, while ventilation is provided through the circular mesh grill and a 120mm silent fan.

FSP Hyper 700 - Fan


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