Mionix Nash 20 headset review - When matte black shines

Gaming headset / headphone market is a fierce territory. Good gaming-headsets get praised to high-heaven, while mediocre ones are doomed to be ignored & forgotten. Mionix has had the Nash 20 for a while in its offering, and yet, I've got no notion of its sound. That's subjected to change with this review.

Mionix is a small company, one that cannot compete in marketing terms with bigger players like Razer, Logitech or SteelSeries. What it lacks in budget it makes up for in reputation. Their products have been celebrated time and again, gaining momentum and popularity by word of mouth. Their line-up is not broad, they don't have three-dozen peripherals on sale, and despite that, Naos, Zibal and Avior are known as some of the best options on the market.

Last month, when I reviewed the Naos 7000, I was impressed in the effort and dedication the folk at Mionix put in crafting that mouse. In a way, because of it, I have set my expectations for Nash 20 on high, despite the fact that developing a headset properly is something only a handful of companies seem to manage, and Mionix hasn't had previous iterations to build upon (like SteelSeries for example). 

Mionix Nash 20 - Product Shot

Mionix Nash 20 is a minimalistic looking, soft-touch analogue circumaural gaming headset. In looks alone, it's a gorgeous looking peripheral, despite (or because) it has no blaring, over-the-top additions to it.

Nash's price-point also puts it in direct competition with some strong contenders, both from the gaming world, and from the low-end audiophile crowd, so even if the headset is good-enough in its construction, it has to at least match what the competition is offering, and that's not such an easy thing to do these days. So let's take a look at Nash 20, see if it matches its most fierce competitors: HyperX Cloud, QPad's QH90 or SteelSeries Siberia V3.

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