Mionix Nash 20 headset review - When matte black shines


 Mionix prices the Nash 20 at about $100, which puts it in direct competition with a number of gaming headsets, including QPAD's QH 90 (which is a modified Takstar Pro 80), HyperX Cloud (which is a modified QPAD QH-90), SteelSeries Siberia V3, Logitech's G35, Corsair Vengeance 2100, ASUS Strix Pro & ROG Vulcan and many others. This seems to be the standard pricing for gaming headsets in 2015, and almost every good pair of cans is in this price-range.

Still, Nash 20 goes toe-to-toe with most of the offerings in this bracket and comes out on top. It might struggle a little bit with the HyperX Cloud and QH-90, but it still has its pluses over those 2-models.


When I first heard of Nash 20, I wondered of its namesake, the orange-giant in the Sagittarius constellation. It was quite an oddly specific name for a gaming headset, since that's not the peripheral you'd expect to be named after the tip of an arrow. Still, in its way, the name is strangely poetic, and speaks of Mionix's style of marketing.

Nash 20 is a robust piece of technology, which uses plastic, but still manages to keep it all together without creaking, even when subjected to some serious deformation. Despite its close to 400g weight, it manages to rest on the head without causing wearer's fatigue or strain on the ears, even though it has a tight grip on the head. Lastly there's the sound, which is good enough, not stellar, but considering the price-bracket and the competition, its more than adequate.

There are some offerings that might sound even more enticing, but Nash 20 is still a worthy option for anyone looking for a headset in the up of $100 price-bracket, but doesn't have $200 to spend on a proper pair of cans and pair it with a mod-mic.

I'd like to thank Mionix for providing us with a sample for this review!


Pros Cons

- Comfortable;
- Great build-quality;
- Great uni-directional microphone;

- Clamps tightly on the head;
- Heavy!
- Slightly cold sounding;



Build Quality

9.2 9.0 Audio-Quality


8.8 Design



Price & Value



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