Mionix Nash 20 headset review - When matte black shines

First Look

Nash 20 comes in a simple black box with a very pretty shot of the headset on the front. Inside, there's the headset resting in a velvet soft-touch mold. The headset follows the same design-mentality as the Naos 7000, just without any RGB lights. It's made out of plastic (the good, solid kind), and coated in a soft-touch rubber finish, that's scratch resistant and finger-print attracting.

I kinda have to question the use of this coating on the headset. While it makes sense on the mouse since it feels nice to the touch, it doesn't so much on a pair of cans. Not only that, but this is the kind of material that will start to peel off in time, and I have to ask: "How would these look when they're six-months old?"


Mionix has opted to go for the angular ear-cups shape akin to the Logitech design, just a bit bulkier, with thicker pads. The headset comes with slightly angled drivers, with a 30-degree slant to each cup.

Mionix Nash 20 - Left Earcup

The left cup features a a volume rocker at its back, and a swivel-mic at its front. The braided cable is not-detachable, and features a Mionix styled strain relief. The right cup on the other hand is plain, with no additions to it.

Mionix Nash 20 - Right Earcup

The thick pleather wrapped memory-foam ear-cushions are detachable, and since the cup-shape is an almost standard square-ish shape, you can find replacements with ease. Even pads from Logitech could be used to replace them.

Mionix Nash 20 - Ear cushions


Build out of rigid plastic atop and a wide and thick foam cushion at the bottom, the headband follows the basic tennents of decent comfort. A thin metal sheet painted black carries the cable from left to right, and there are 10-extenders on each cup.

Mionix Nash 20 - Headband

While it does the job, the design lacks elegance, and adds quite a bit of heft.


As I previously menioned, the 2-meter long cable is not detachable. It features some decent strain relief and terminates in a pair of gold-plated 3.5mm jacks. There's no USB dongle or conversion cable to turn it into a 4-pin 3.5mm jack for mobile devices.

Mionix Nash 20 - Cable

There are no in-line remotes on the cable, Mionix opting to place a small rocker on the back of the left-cup. The mic auto-mutes itself when folded upwards. Both far more elegant and subtle control implementations.

Mionix Nash 20 - Volume Rocker

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