Age of Wonders 3' expansion, Eternal Lords coming in April

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Developer Triumph has announced a second expansion-pack for the fantasy-strategy game Age of Wonders 3, dubbed Eternal Lords.

The new expansion pack will add new races, mechanics, an epic story campaign, and of course, Necromancers. It's due for release on 14th April alongside the awaited Linux and Mac ports of the original game.

Age of Wonders III Archon-vs-Theocrat Desert

"The Necromancer’s legions march to establish an eternal kingdom, unifying all the world’s races in death," the announcement begins. "The Necromancer creates spectacular undead units, such as the Bone Collector, a crablike monstrosity which eats corpses to strengthen itself. Other units are summoned, such as the Banshee, which invokes despair in the hearts of the living. The Necromancer’s dark magic allows players to convert towns to cities of the dead, filled with obedient Ghoul minions."

There are also new specializations added to the Keeper, Grey Guard and Shadow Born, and now you can also summon angels. There are two new races added, Tigran and Frostling, and you can tell what these races are capable of by their names. Tigrans can further morph into Dire Panters.

Race Governance is introduced to manage relations with specific races which, when improved enough, will unlock certain perks for your forces. 

There are also new "Cosmic Happenings" that seem to be randomized disasters that can throw worlds and plans into chaos, as well as new map areas, items, scenarios, and stuff.

Age of Wonders 3: Eternal Lords is scheduled for release on April 14th, and is priced at about $20.

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