FSP EP 1000 UPS review - Why need an UPS these days?

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I decided to take a look into the benefits of uninterruptible power-supplies, and with the aid of FSP’s EP1000, that’s exactly what I’m going to do.

Power-failures are never fun. They’re not something planned or intended to begin with, but when they occur, they almost always have negative effects. Yet, the extent to which you suffer from them differs – it’s one thing for the lights to go out in the evening, and another to lose hours of video-editing because of an unexpected black-out (and the inability to do a proper back-up). To counter such consequences and minimize the damage, you could look for an UPS, and thankfully, these have become increasingly affordable these days. While budget ones are fairly straightforward, the more advanced variants feature a number of additions, such as surge-protection, network guard, phone and internet sockets. Most, these days, even have a software package that shows battery status in real time or shuts down your PC when you’re at the desk.

 FSP UPS EP 1000 - Product Image

FSP has been a key-player in the power-supply business. For a while now, they have had a vast number of PSUs and UPSs available on the market. One of their current line-ups is the EP-series, represented by 6 models. I have managed to get my hands on the EP-1000, which is the mid-range version, still retaining most features the high-end EP-2000 comes with.

However, I’m not interested in just writing about this UPS, after all, at the heart of an uninterruptible power-supply is a battery, and that’s about it. A review would be very, very short if I’d focus only on that. Instead, I also want to see why you should go looking for an UPS, and if it’s worth the trouble.

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