FSP EP 1000 UPS review - Why need an UPS these days?

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Whilst the EP-1000 is not one of the strongest UPSs available on the market, it's still a fairly capable device, and paired with smaller devices it would do its job well, or at least well enough. The EP-1000 is priced at about 100EUR. This brings me to the opening question. Why buy an UPS, since they're not really cheap (and if they are, you shouldn't really look for them)? The answer is simple; an UPS can guarantee your system won't suffer through voltage fluctuation and depending on its battery, give you enough time to save your work, or with some larger models on the market, continue working like nothing happened. 


Returning to the EP-1000, this is a fairly decent UPS for its price. It comes with a number of features that seem mandatory for uninterruptible power-supplies, yet strangely go missing from lower-end variants, such as AVR or USB/RS-232 communication. It has some disadvantages such as the average charge-times, but for the end-user who won't plug a power-hungry machine in it, it's more than adequate.


Pros Cons

 - Automatic Voltage Regulation;

- Software communication;
- Decent price;


- Lengthy recharge time when battery is low;




8.0 7.6 Stability


6.5 Battery



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