SteelSeries Siberia Elite Prism review - Top of the line


Here's the thing. SteelSeries Siberia Elite was never a cheap headset. The Elite Prism keeps the $200 price-tag, and while it's a clear improvement over the original, I'm not sure its worth the cash. The reason for that is because the market is kinda different today compared to last year. There are plenty $200 headphones that completely blow the Prism out of the water in terms of sound quality, as well as a number of far-cheaper gaming headsets that offer a downplayed experience, but a very good one nonetheless.

The single addition it has that puts it above the other variants is the soundcard and the software package, which adds a number of features that are not available otherwise. It depends if that's worth the added premium.


On its own, the Siberia Elite Prism is a great headset. It's built like a tank, it's a lot more comfortable than the Siberia Elite, and it has an improved sound-signature. It also comes with a software package, which adds a number of features that are always welcome. However, if we stop looking at Elite Prism only on its own, and also check its place on the market. In the world of gaming headsets, its one of the best, but also one of the priciest.

When you add normal headphones to which you would attach a mod-mic, then Siberia Elite really does have some difficulties justifying its cost, especially since it's not built to compete with something like Beyerdynamic DT770. Still, the software package and the USB soundcard, which can be used alongside a number of other audio devices and customize them as well is a welcome addition, one that does improve the overall package.

Pros Cons


- Built like a tank;

- Highly customizable;

- Tight, controlled bass;
- Comfortable;



- The flat, rubberized is a dissapointment;
- Sidetone doesn't really provide proper feedback;
- Slightly tinny treble;




 Build Quality

9.5 8.6 Audio-Quality


9.0 Microphone



Price & Value



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