Razer Blackwidow Chroma keyboard review - Rainbow attack


Razer sells BlackWidow Chroma at $160, which is quite high, but also the new-standard for RGB keyboards. It’s a similar asking price to the Logitech G910 or Corsair K70 RGB, so if you’re looking for RGB backlighting, you don’t have many choices to pick from. Still, the market seems to be diversifying, so in the near future the prices might drop. Only time will tell.


Razer has created a serious keyboard to go head-to-head against K70 /K95. While Corsair’s version has received a lot more attention for its design, BlackWidow Chroma manages the same effect without rebuilding everything from scratch. As a mech, you can tell it has been polished and refined throughout the years, and now everything feels exceptionally polished. The build-quality is great, the software is by far one of the most extensive available and the backlighting is varied and seriously bright.

As drawbacks I note the lack of a proper wrist-rest, the soft-touch coating, which feels great, but is a dust magnet and will most likely cause trouble later down the line when it will start peeling off, and finally no switch between NKRO and 6KRO, limiting its compatibility with a number of motherboards (true, most of these MOBOS might be old or low-end).

Razer’s BlackWidow Chroma is a pleasant step into the world of RGB backlighting. After being mesmerized by the pretty lights, I ended up raising the question: why would I return to my white backlit mech?


Pros Cons

- Every key can be assigned;

- Comprehensive lighting options;
- Great build quality;


- Ergonomics could be improved;

Build:         9.0 8.8 Performance:      9.0
Ergonomics: 8.0  Features:            9.3
Design:         9.0
Price/Quality:     8.8



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