Razer Blackwidow Chroma keyboard review - Rainbow attack


Like SteelSeries and logitech, Razer features its own dedicated software package, the Synapse. It allows various peripherals to interact with one another, account-bound cloud storage, and dedicated features inherent to each peripheral. For example, BlackWidow Chroma has its own dedicated lighting panel.

After you start-up the Synapse, and log-in to your account, you get the main window, with three tabs at the top: Keyboard, Macros and Stats.


The Keyboard tab is by far the most extensive and important one. It features 3 sub-menus: customize, lighting and gaming mode.

The customize tab opens up the option to assign different keys, Windows key-combinations (alt+f4, ctrl+alt+del), and even macros to pretty much any key (not just the side-buttons).

 Razer BlackWidow Chroma - Software KB

The Lighting Tab only has intensity mode and a link right next to it. By clicking it, a new window is opened, featuring the complex lighting schemes the mech comes with. Here you have templates, layers and patterns that you can choose, customize and even overlap, creating some fairly complex lighting effects. 

You have Wave, Spectrum Cicling, Ripple effects and even Reactive Modes. The patterns vary from rainbow mode, cicling through the same color-warmth pallet, or through gradient variations. 

Razer Blackwidow Chroma - Configurator

Add to this, the option to save profiles, and share them with the world, as well as download and further tweak out profiles built by others, and you get a deep-sea of color options that might seem overwhelming at first.

Gaming Mode allows you to choose a number of Windows Key combinations like Alt+Tab, or Alt+F4 and disable them while gaming.


Macro is a straightforward tab where you can record / name macros for use in the Assignment section. There are no hidden menus and the icons, while they don't have clear indications, are akin to those emplyed by most gaming software packages out there. Simply put, if you've ever recorded a macro, you're not going to have any trouble here.

Razer Blackwidow Chroma - Macro

Razer also allows you to record small novels, since it has no macro length limitations (when using the software PC mode). 


Gaming peripherals manufacturers have begun to insert stat-recording extensions to their software bundles. Razer is no different, and features a dedicated window where you can check-up keystrokes, pressing distance, profile switches and macro switches. 

Razer Blackwidow Chroma - Stats 

To quantify this data in an easy to swallow package, a neatly colored heatmap showcases your unique typing / playstile.

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