AOC G2460PG monitor review - Speedy G-Sync

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We've only checked a single G-Sync enabled monitor, the ASUS PG278Q. Unfortunately, said screen is not a cheap one, coming with a premium of $1000. It's time, however, to also check a more budgeted offering, one brought by AOC, the G2460PG.

NVidia declared G-Sync would end all screen stutter or need for traditional V-Sync. Yet, from its announcement until today, we had only a small fraction of G-Sync capable monitors available, and almost all were premium devices. There were some upgrade-kits, in the form of tiny add-in boards that costed an added $200 and required the knowledge to open up your monitor and know what to do once inside.

ASUS released back in august the ROG Swift PG278Q, a brilliant 2.5k TN panel gaming monitor that had a pretty hefty price attached to it. Today, there are some offerings available, but there are no concrete budget version out there. Sure, Acer's 4K beast might seem like a cheaper variant to ASUS' PG278Q, but it's still a pricy offer.

 AOC GP2460 - Product Image

Enter AOC's offer to the table, the G2460PG, a G-Sync enabled monitor with ULMB (blur-reduction) and a speedy TN panel capable of 144Hz. Overall, a monitor akin to ASUS' PG278Q, but only for about a third of its price.

When talking about a cheaper monitor that can do the same thing for a smaller price, you might be expecting lower-quality build or fewer features available. It's time to check G2460PG and see if that's true, or maybe AOC has developed that rare item, the kind that doesn't hurt the wallet but also has a lot to offer.

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