AOC G2460PG monitor review - Speedy G-Sync

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I didn't use the calibration and testing tools at first, since most end-users will not have any of 'em available. I took the monitor out of the box, and prepped the tests on it uncalibrated. Then, I went on and took a few calibrated tests as well.

I hooked G2460PG up to a machine using an NVidia GTX780Ti. There was no issue installing it, since all I had to do was plug it in. The first thing I did was load-up the driver and checked the G-Sync tab.

I tested the monitor using NVidia's 350.12 driver.

Now, I was interested in stuttering or screen tearing, if of that was visible at higher than 60Hz refresh rates. So, I loaded up my Steam collection (and then Origin), and prepared a number of games.

Tomb Raider
Metro: Last Light
Battlefield 4
Dragon Age: Inquisition
Grand Theft Auto V

Even with GTX780Ti, getting 100+ frames-per-second consistently at 1920x1080p is a daunting task. Often, we registered some wild frame-rate oscilation. This was actually in our favour, because sinking from 130frames to 55 would cause tearing and stuttering on most, and that's exactly what G-Sync is supposed to remedy.

Image Quality

Whilst my monitor testing experience is limited, I took the i1 Display Pro, as well as X-Rite i1 Pro, and used 'em alongside SpectraCal's CalMan 5.201 software package, for some added results regarding the image quality

After turning off all look-up table generation, we were able to calibrate the monitor to a fairly high standard. The RGB sliders (available in User mode) start in the middle of their ranges, which helps maintain contrast. Another plus is that we didn’t have to reduce the Contrast control to improve accuracy at 100-percent brightness.

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