Logitech G910 mechanical keyboard review - Edgy RGB switches

Logitech has met the wave of RGB backlit mechanicals head-on with the G910 Orion Spark keyboard, featuring the ROMER-G type switch. This week, we're taking a look at it, and see how it fares against competing forces like Razer's Blackwidow or Corsair's K70 (K95).

RGB backlighting is the future of gaming-peripherals. Keyboards more than anything else will strive to have the most complete and exhaustive lighting system. Pretty much any big gaming-gear maker have either announced their take on the plenty-o-color craze, or have already thrown a model out there. Most don't follow the Cherry MX standard, since Corsair had an exclusivity deal with the German switch-making firm, so new architectures and technologies were needed. For the G910, Logitech announced a partnership with Japanese manufacturer OMRON, and together came up with the ROMER-G type switch.

This ROMER-G is also one of those items that marks a new direction for peripheral expansion. Unlike previous years where you had the same mechanical keyboard featuring only different controllers, shells and number of keys, 2015 brings wildly different models, both in concept and architecture.

Logitech G910 Mechanical Keyboard - Product Image 

The result is that everyone has designed unique constructions. SteelSeries has their own switch-type, the QS1; Razer has worked with Kailh on an unique color variant; while Corsair and Cherry bring the MX-RGB to the table. Simply put, there are many choices to be had, and almost all of them are fundamentally different. 

Returning to Logitech's G910 and the ROMER-G, there are many question that need answer. How do these new switches behave? What about latency, N-Key rollover, or keycap compatibility? Let's talk about all that.

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