Logitech G910 mechanical keyboard review - Edgy RGB switches


The G910 Orion Spark is currently more expensive than Razer's BlackWidow Chroma, and Corsair's K70 RGB; by a small margin true, but still pricier; asking an $180 premium for what it has to offer. While that is a whole lot of money for a keyboard, considering the market and the competition, I'd say G910's asking-price is not without warrant.


Logitech comes out swinging when it comes to RGB. While the G710+ was a great keyboard on its own, it was yet another one model in the vast sea of Cherry MX, white-backlit mechs out there. I simply cannot say the same thing about G910. This is a new peripheral, from its architecture, to what it aims to accomplish. It treads on past successes, improving them along the way, but it also brings many new things to the table, some excellent, others not so much.

For starters, the ROMER-G switch is designed with RGB backlighting in mind, and manages to provide the right kind of tactile feedback as well as one of the most consistent lighting schemes out there. It's not as bright as some other models on the market, but it's uniform, and has little to no leakage.

The software package is nothing short of extensive (though still relatively esy to use), and ARX Control is a welcome addition, adding quite a lot of functionality to the overall package.

There are two things that I would like to see improved upon, and those are the keycaps and the wrist-rest. While I can easily overlook the wrist-rest, I'm not certain I can say the same with the caps. The sharp edges make typing difficult, and games that require a large number of keys to be pressed in short intervals will have a similar issue. 

G910  is a great mechanical keyboard, sporting unique design and technology. What it does right, it does so unparalleled. However, there's also room for it grow. While I enjoyed my time with Orion Spark, I expect the next ROMER-G based mech to be even more impressive, and to have learned from G910, as it has learned from G710+.


Pros Cons

- Excellent lighting across the board;
- Soft tactile ROMER-G switches;
- Comprehensive software package;
- ARX integration;


- Keycap edges are sharp and angular;
- Wrist-rest not comfortable for typing;

Build:         9.0 8.7 Performance:      9.2
Ergonomics: 7.0  Features:            9.5
Design:         9.1
Price/Quality:     8.5



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