Game publisher Konami to "aggressively" focus on mobile

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Konami, the publisher behind the Metal Gear Solid franchise is planning to "aggressively" pursue mobile development, according to an interview with its executive Hideki Hayakawa.

Konami executive Hideki Hayakawa revealed in an interview with Nikkei Trendy Net that the company is planning to "aggressively" pursue mobile development, as translated by a NeoGAF user.

Metal gear solid 5 phantom pain

"Our main platform will be mobiles," Hayakawa reportedy stated. "Following the pay-as-you-play model of games like Power Pro and Winning Eleven with additional content, our games must move from selling things like 'items' to selling things like 'features'."

"With multiplatform games, there's really no point in dividing the market into categories anymore. Mobiles will take on the new role of linking the general public to the gaming world."

Following the turmoil regarding Silent Hills / PT being outright cancelled and the departure of Metal Gear series creator Hideo Kojima once the latest entry in the series, Metal Gear Solid: The Phantom Pain is going to be released. Konami has removed the Kojima Productions logo from official artwork for the Phantom Pain and Ground Zeroes, as well as references to any of the titles being a "Hideo Kojima game" from the marketing material.

It's worth noting that Hayakawa was interviewed by a business focused Japanese publication, and the Japanese market has already shifted to be mobile oriented, so the shift is in the interest of the company, especially since Konami is most successful in Japan.

At the time of writing, the interview is not a confirmation that Konami will stop developing major PC and console-centric titles, even though that seems to be the case. Until we have more certain details, we still Metal Gear Solid: The Phantom Pain to look forward to.

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