ASRock Q2900-ITX & Intel Pentium J2900 review - HTPC package


ASRock Q2900 & Intel Pentium J2900 is priced at about $100, which is a fairly decent price-point on its own. However, when you take into consideration competing offerings, including the Celeron J1900 & ASRock Q1900, which is priced at $75, and the performance difference between the two is minimal; the price is not as appealing anymore.

That is, without even mentioning AMDs offerings, which feature some exceptional integrated 3D-graphics.


Despite the Intel Pentium J2900 featuring what could be considered slightly aboe average performance, the ASRock Q2900 combo is still an interesting offering. The MOBO has some interesting features such as SATA 6GB/s, extra USB 3.0 ports, and a well-built passive heatsink that manages to keep the processor at 54 degrees even under heavy stress.

Depending why do you need a HTPC system for, ASRock Q2900-ITX & Intel Pentium J2900 might be a good enough deal. If you need a somewhat powerful CPU, able to handle 1080p video-streaming & application workflow, the combo is more than decent. If you want some decent gaming performance however, maybe you should take at some other models on the market.  

Pros Cons


 - Tiny form-factor;
- Plenty of bundled features;
- Great power consumption & cooling;

- Video performance could be better;
- Somewhat pricy;

Build:        9.0 8.0 Performance:      8.2
Features:    9.0  Power Consumption: 9.0
Accessories: 9.1
Price/Quality:     8.0






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