ASRock Q2900-ITX & Intel Pentium J2900 review - HTPC package

First Look

Since the motherboard / processor combo is smaller than your average console and features no active cooling, I paired it with an AKASA Crypto Vesa mini-ITX chassis.

ASRock Q2900 - In Case 

Crypto Vesa is a thin case that can be strapped on the back of your monitor if it's VESA mount enabled. There is a small 40mm fan (4000RPM) on the chassis, but it's not a particularly noisy one (registered only 23dBA). Inside, I built a patch-up system, fitting an ADATA SP610 SSD, and 8GB RAM DDR3. 

ASRock Q2900 - Mini ITX Rear IO 


In order to test the system, I prepared a series of benchmarks, checking memory bandwidth, application, gaming and video playback performance. Lastly, I took note of the power consumption.

Since there are no active cooling solutions, there was literally no reason to measure the noise-level, and if the temperature got in the way, I made a point of detailing when, how, and what temperature affected the overall system.

For Application I used the patchwork machine on a day-to-day basis, but since that's not a reliable testing methodology, I also decided to also use FutureMark's benchmarks for Video playback and Application testing.

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