[Computex 2015] EVGA new 980 Ti lineup and Z170 motherboards

EVGA brought some great news for Computex this year starting with their new 980 Ti series. As always, there are cards for every taste and pocket, so you can choose what version you like, need or can afford. Besides the VGA line, EVGA introduces the first overclocking keyboard and some new PSUs. Moreover the great new is that they are expanding in Europe, taking step by step, so stay tuned.

A very appealing story is the new overclocking keyboard, namely Z10. It is actually a mechanical keyboard that allows you to overclock the EVGA graphic cards without the need for power card soldering. How is this possible? Well, EVGA integrated their well-known EVBot overclocking tool into this keyboard. The VGA card will be connected by a special wire to the overclocking keyboard and from there it is just you skills on the way to a new World Record.


It sports 2 types of switches: Blue for the main keys and Brown for the keypad. It also has an LCD display. Its price will be $129.

Let's jump to the VGA cards as I am sure you all are waiting for that info.

The new 980 Ti GPU from NVIDIA was launched on Monday 1st of June and it fills the gap between GTX 980 and the more expensive Titan X. Here are 3 of the top EVGA cards but their lineup includes other versions starting with the reference design up to the overclocking version: the mighty Kingpin edition.

I'll start with the GTX 980 Ti Superclocked Edition that comes with the ACX 2.0+ cooling system. It is factory overclocked from the reference's 1000MHz to 1102Mhz (1190MHz boost) so a 10% performance gain.

EVGA 980 ti SC

The Hybrid edition brings the factory overclocking even further sporting a 1140MHz base clock (1228MHz boost) and a better cooling for the chipset, memory and VRM.

EVGA 980 ti Hybrid

The top of the line GTX 980 Ti is the Kingpin Edition. This is directly addressed to overclockers as it benefits from hand-picked GPU and memory chips and an excellent VRM for high frequencies on LN2. Moreover the card has 3 BIOS: Standard, OC, and LN2. No word yet about the spec, but stay tuned as they are near to be disclosed.

EVGA 980 Ti Kingpin

For those who uses more than one VGA card, EVGA offers their own personalized SLI bridges. There are 2-way, 3-way and 4-way solutions.


The new Intel Z170 chipset was jus launched 3 days ago, so EVGA lineup is here. Check out their Z170 Stinger, FTW and Classified editions.

EVGA Z170 mobos

The Classified sports 4-way multi-GPU setup with all PCI-E running at x16. This is excellent news!

The X99 chipset has a new member in the form of X99 Micro2, a micro-ATX board for the LGA2011-3 platform.

EVGA X99 Micro2


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