Valve's Steam Machine and Steam Controller detailed

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Valve has finally announced the release date for its Steam Machines, and revealed the final version of the Steam Controller.

After nearly two years of waiting, Valve has finally detailed release date of its upcoming Linux-based gaming PCs, and they are supposed to come out this year, on the 10th of November. The constantly redesigned Steam Controller has also received a release date, and this one is almost a month earlier, on 16th October.

Steam Controller 3 

According to Valve, the controller can "virtualize familiar controls, like a trackball, a mouse, or a scroll wheel," and should supposedly provide the precision of a mouse & keyboard combo, but feature the convenience of a controller. The triggers are dual-stage, with a digital switch at the end of an analogue pull, and added a pair of grip-buttons that can be easily accessed via ring and pinkie fingers. Control set-ups can be customized for each game, and these set-ups could be shared via the Steam community.

As for the Steam Machines, there are a number of devices showcased. As it was originally intended, third-party manufacturers showcase their take on the living-room PCs.

Alienware has revealed three models priced at $499, $729, and $1419, though these models are not fully upgradeable, and PC designer Syber has also announced its line-up of Steam Machines.

For those who are not interested in buying a machine, but instead would like to use their personal PC in the living room, Valve has also released the Steam Link that can be used to Steam PC games to a TV over a local network.

The Steam Machines are available for pre-order, as are Valve's Steam Controller ($50) and Steam Link ($50). For more info, you can check the trailer below.

Steam Controller Final 1

Steam Controller Final 2

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