Tesoro Excalibur Spectrum keyboard review - RGB simplicity


Excalibur SPectrum's red switches feel stiffer than the Cherry-MX red, and are closer to the MX-Black, but nothing else actually stood out. Since it has no wrist-rest that can become slightly uncomfortable, but other than that I have no actual complaints. 

The Ins button can be used with the Fn key to switch betwenn NKRO and 6KRO compatibility mode.

 Tesoro Excalibur - NKRO


Tesoro has designed a fairly interesting mechanical keyboard, though looking at it, you don't have the same flash or edge you'd find on most gaming mechs. That might be for the best, but the question comes, how far does it commit to its gaming side of things.

First of all, the switches are evenly spread out, and typing on it is enjoyable enough. They are slightly stiffer than your standard Cherry MX-Red, and they feel similar to the MX-Black. 

Other than those small details, I cannot say that the Excalibur commits in any particular way to gaming. It has a classic look, with classic keycaps, and no additional keys. It does not try to give you a gamer-esque edge like Logitech tried with the G910+, and I actually think that's a good thing. After all a gaming peripheral complements your skill, it doesn't actually make you actively perform better.

Another thing worth noting however is the software package. Tesoro's bundle has a clunky interface, but it's still a versatile one, and now with its updated edition, it's better than any previous Tesoro packages I've tried in the past. You can create some fairly extensive macros, and having the option to assign and tweak every key on the board should counteract the lack of dedicated keys. 

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