Tesoro Excalibur Spectrum keyboard review - RGB simplicity


Most gaming keyboards feature some sort of software package. Tesoro's new and updated software is a clear improvment over previous bundles. With that being said, I still have some serious issues with it. It's more expanded, that is indeed true, but it still clunky, with an UI that is very unpleasant to use.

It features the same central PC mode, with five different Profiles that can each be customized. In PC mode you cannot assign macros or work with any kind of key assignments to begin with, but you could easily adjust illumination effects.

 Tesoro Excalibur - Software Package


By switching to Profile mode, you will be able to click any key and completely remap it. By clicking the buttons that are shown on the keyboard graph, it gives you the option to easily reassign it. You can set the key to launch a program, or to work with only a certain program to begin with, or completely disable key.


The big deal about RGB backlit keyboards is the RGB. Tesoro's Excalibur uses some bright LEDs, and it seems you have the full spectrum of lights to customize. There are several lighting variants available, from the classical Color Wave, to more exotic modes like Color Wave, Trigger, Firework, Breathing, Radiation, and the custom Tesoro lighting system dubbed Spectrum Colors (which features Shine, Breathing and Trigger modes for the most used keys while gameing - tab, wasd, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and so on).

 Tesoro Excalibur - Backlighting

You can also select the backlighting color without any special effect, and you can essentially choose any color from the RGB spectrum.

In terms of lighting, Excalibur Spectrum lacks some of the customizability you would find on other mechs like Razer's Blackwidow, Corsair K65, or Logitech G910+. You cannot adjust any timers for Trigger, Breathing, Firework, or Radiation, and probably the most important part, you cannot change set the color per individual key, but instead for the keyboard entirely. This is probably the first time when I realised it was more of a budget offer, instead of the premium flagship device. In fact Lobera does have a more comprehensive lighting system introduced.

Tesoro Excalibur - Lighting Effects


Clicking the Macro setting opens up a new window with a series of macro options, including repeat options, delay, and to insert an individual key to a finished macro. Unfortunately, it has the same problem I had with the layout for the rest of the software package, that being font-size. I like the jagged edges and unique look they're going for, but that doesn't change the fact that what's written under Repeat Options is barely legible.

 Tesoro Excalibur - Macros

Interestingly, the software also gives you the option to reset the profile, if you somehow manage to mess-up your set-up.

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