Genius GX Scorpion M8-610 mouse review - Something familiar


As I previously mentioned, Genius has opted for a symmetrical shape akin to SteelSeries’ Sensei and Razer’s Deathadder. It takes subtle design sensibilities from both, and manages to combine them properly. The result is a small mouse, with a claw-grip friendly curvature, carefully positioned buttons, and a lightweight construction.

It doesn’t fully commit to claw or fingertip grip, but both users should have no issues using it. It fits the fingertip user best, and the claw-grip one a close second. If it would have had independent left & right click, I couldn’t have recommended its ergonomics fast enough.

Note I didn’t even mention palm-grip users, and that’s because this mouse is clearly not for them. Also worth mentioning is that despite is symmetrical shape, the mouse is not really ambidextrous, after all the back & forward are only present on the left side.


The ADNS9800 sensor has slowly been faded out, and few recent gaming mice opted to use it instead of high-end optical variants. While the 8200DPI sensor might be able to track on a wide variety of surfaces, more so than old-school optical sensors, and it still has a massive DPI count, it’s not able to outperform recent entries like the PM3310, PMW 3090, or the monstrous PMW3366.

On its own, it has gone through a lot of tweaks and updates, and the modern-day ADNS800 is decent. Not great, but manages to at least deliver on its tracking (with slight variations depending on the surface).

Its implementation in Genius’ GX Scorpion M8-610 is one of the best it has seen. It still comes with a small amount of unpredictable acceleration and visible jitter, but it’s minimal, making it very usable, even while gaming.


Important to a gaming mouse is its behavior while gaming, and Genius GX Scorpion seems to get this, in part. The acceleration flaw is present, but it’s minimal. Low sensitivity gamers who prefer a 1:1 response ratio will feel the difference, and for them, there are plenty of other options available. For everyone else, it might be an offering worth looking into.

While it won’t suddenly make the end-users overall performance skyrocket, it won’t hamper their skill either. The shape is easy to get used to and the lightweight shape means it could be used by low-sensitivity players just as well. 

There’s also a very easy-to-use software package that allows the user to adjust the overall performance accordingly. It might not be as extensive as I would’ve wanted it to be, but that’s something that could be improved later down the line, and it isn’t a dead-breaker either.

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