Genius GX Scorpion M8-610 mouse review - Something familiar


Genius' software seems is nothing short of great. The manufacturer has opted to use an easy-to-use interface, with 4 main tabs: buttons, performance, lighting and macros; each allowing you to access the mouse's key features. The Firmware update (as well as Software Update and Settings are present to the left-side), where the available devices are listed.


The first tab lists the mouse’s available buttons, with a top-down image of the mouse. It also lists assignments for each button, and allows the user to easily customize at least five of the six available buttons (with left-click being locked in). You can choose from a list of Function keys, or even use a single keyboard key or Windows shortcut to assign. Lastly, there’s also the option to choose and assign commands from a drop-down menu of already created macros.

Genius GX Scorpion M8-610 - Buttons


The Performance tab is where most of the mouse specific customization happens. Here the end-user can swap DPI between the 5 pre-made stages, or use the advanced button to open up a new window that features a slider (both on the X and Y axis) for further customization as well as an 3 additional DPI levels that are not active by default.

Genius GX Scorpion M8-610 - Performance

Under DPI settings, there’s a Pointer speed slider, which seems to adjust mouse acceleration. Under it, there’s a scrolling speed slider, which adjusts how effective the scroll wheel is (without actually changing it mechanically). 

The last two tabs hold another slider for double-click speed and four check-in boxes for USB Report rate, where the user can swap between 125Hz, 250, 500 and 1000Hz.


There are two RGB lights available for customization: one for the scroll-wheel, another for the logo respectively. Unfortunately, lighting colors cannot be changed, instead there’s only the option to adjust Breath Speed, whilst the LEDs cycle between colors.

Genius GX Scorpion M8-610 - Lighting


The last tab lists available macros, and allows users to make new ones by clicking the button at the bottom. A Record Macro window pops up, and from there on, the software takes input only from the keyboard. The maximum length is 28 keys, and there is little to no customization after the macro is completed, only the delay being editable.

Genius GX Scorpion M8-610 - Macros

The macro functionality is seriously limited, and isn't nearly as intuitive (everything is presented in a drop-down menu) or extensive as what some established players like Logitech, SteelSeries or Razer are offering in their software bundles.

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