Genius HS-M270 earphone review - One for the budget?

After the write-up for the Scorpion GX MS-810, another Genius product dropped on my desk, specifically a pair of sports focused IEM, the HS-M270. Since I know little of their audio line-up, this pair could serve as the perfect introduction.

Few IEMs manage to get right the features mandatory for the “sports” tag. Respectively, these should never fall out of the ear, have decent to low microphonics, be sweat resistant, and finally deliver at the very least decent audio. While not mandatory, it’s also nice if they’re rugged enough (while still being lightweight) to last through extra wear and tear. If you’d be looking for such a pair of IEM or headphones, you would find quite a few models that are branded for the outdoors, but only a handful are actually worth a damn. 

Genius has worked on headphones and IEMs for a while now, and has thrown their hat onto the sports branded ring with the HS-M270 (they should really work on their naming schemes).

 Genius HS-247 IEM - Product Image

On paper, this is a pair of IEMs that ticks all the boxes I mentioned above. It’s a small, lightweight pair of earphones, with an over-ear design, lightweight cable, and Genius states that it’s sweat resistant. Overall, that’s pretty much everything you’d be looking for in one such model.

However, what remains to be seen is how it actually sounds; if said design is actually working as intended, and even if the build-quality is good enough to go through a very active day-to-day routine. I took the Genius HS-M270, and forced myself to get out of the chair and actually exercise, see who breaks first, me or the IEMs (of course, best would be if neither would break).

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