Genius HS-M270 earphone review - One for the budget?


Genius just recently showcased the HS-M270 at Computex this year. The earphones are not yet available on the market, and there is no official MSRP.


These earphones could have been half decent. Parts of its original concept are well implemented. The comfort is right up there, and the fit is nothing short of excellent. With some heavy tweaking, a good sports IEM could have come out of it.

Instead, the result is not at all satisfactory. The earphones feel frail in hand (I doubt the cable would survive getting pulled on by accident), and the audio is genuinely unpleasant. Recall the mandatory feature list for sports earphones that I mentioned at the start of this review? Technically the HS-M270 manages to work out three out of four key elements (low microphonics, great fit, and sweat resistant), but even with those in tow, I still have a hard time recommending them.



Pros Cons

-  Great fit even while exercising;
- Comfortable;
- Lightweight;



- Unpleasant sound;
- Sharp, fatiguing treble;
- Recessed mid-range;
- Cluttered soundstage;
- Subpar build-quality;


Build Quality

5.0 N/A Audio-Quality


9.0 Design



Price & Value
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