Genius HS-M270 earphone review - One for the budget?

First Look

Before opening the package, a large plastic window gave me a pretty good idea of what I’d find inside. On the back you have the specs as well as content listing. While it’s not premium by any stretch of the imagination, the IEMs come with a decent amount of accessories, including a small carry pouch (reinforced with cardboard), a shirt-clip, and 2 additional sets of silicon fittings.

 Genius HS-247 IEM - Accessories

I know it doesn’t have the same impact as, for example, opening up a box of BrainWavz unboxing has, but there are certainly worse ways to bundle your earphones.

The earphones

Genius encased the 10mm drivers in thin plastic casing. While that makes HS-M270 extremely lightweight, the overall build-quality takes a serious hit. The overall design is not bulky, and the rubberized hook fits around the ear-lobe nicely.

 Genius HS-247 IEM - Earphone

Minor cable strains are present on each earphone. These seem flexible enough, but also don’t inspire durability, in fact you can see small rubber pieces protrude out of the casing.


Genius outfitted HS-270 with a 1.2m long copper cable wrapped in black rubber. The thin cable has a surprising amount of spring to it, so the included shirt-clip is a welcome addition.

 Genius HS-247 IEM - Cable

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