Genius HS-M270 earphone review - One for the budget?

Sound Impressions

 I don’t like HS-M270’s sound-signature. It’s brash, aggressive with an emphasis on the mid-bass and treble. It can become quite sharp, and it gets tinny at times. There is a nice amount of extension to said bass, adding clarity, but causes fatigue after a few minutes of listening.

You might have noticed that I didn’t mention the mid-range and that’s mainly because there is little to say about it. They’re present, heavily overshadowed by the bass, and unpleasantly cold. 

In fact the whole signature could be described as cold.

Lastly, Instrumental separation and stereo imaging seem decent, but the sound-stage is cluttered. 


The lows are overpowering at times. That being said, the earphones aren’t necessarily for bass-heads, since sub-bass is not noticeable. The emphasis instead is on the mid and upper bass, which affects the entire signature.

While the punch is powerful, it’s muddled, and sluggish at times, particularly with fast-paced drumming tracks. One good thing that I can say about is that it actually features light texturing, so a heavy beat will retain at least some detail.


What little mids I noted, were bright, with light clarity, but not so much detail. The powerful, earth-shaking bass takes a bite out of it, and pretty much anything that could be considered lower mid-range is gone. Male vocals are cold, and sound slightly rough, and most instruments are stripped of their musicality.


The HS-M270 has sharp treble, with decent extension. It gets way too bright at times, and actually becomes fatiguing. Listen to a lot of metal, and you won’t be able to last more than an hour with the IEMs on. 

Maybe someone that prefers a sparkly, hot-headed treble would get more out of these, but for me they are genuinely unpleasant.


As someone who most of the time uses open-back over-ear headphones, I am used to massive soundstages, but in the past few months, I have also grown accustomed to, let’s say, IEM specific stage just as well. I personally prefer Shure SE215K type sound-stage, but I don’t have issues with something smaller, if separation and imaging is decent enough.

For the Genius HS-M270 the sound is pretty much only in your head, with what could be described as decent stereo imaging. The positioning is not as good, with instrumental separation being sub-par. Listening to instrument heavy tracks, and you’ll have a hard-time keeping up, since the sound gets quite cluttered.

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