BrainWavz BLU100 wireless IEM review - dynamic connection

BrainWavz has recently released the Blu-100 earphones, their first wireless IEMs. While the Bluetooth market has been steadily growing, the manufacturer has been somewhat reluctant to take a dive. That is, until now.

Wireless connection is a topic I am torn on. There’s been a trend suggesting the future is in cutting down cords, but even after so many years, the reliability of wireless connection doesn’t match the wired one. More so for audio-video devices than for general data transfer. Despite it lagging behind however, there’s no question that it also has made considerable strides in the past few years. Bluetooth is the technology of choice it seems, and it’s the one that has progressed most since its conception back in 1994. Most consumer goods: headphones, speakers, or earphones are reliant on the technology, and BrainWavz’s BLU-100 is no different. It’s operating on Bluetooth 4.0 with an aptX codec for better audio quality. 

Of course, while it’s a first step into a new market, the IEM features distinctive BrainWavz design sensibilities. Build quality is similar to the S0, and if you’re familiar with their earphones, you will see subtle, but clear notes unique to the company. In a way, that bulky, yet downplayed look is in full force here.

BrainWavz BLU-100 IEM - Product Image 

While aesthetics have some importance, they’re second to build-quality, comfort and most importantly sound. BrainWavz has packed a pair of 8mm dynamic drivers that promise hours of “full-bodied, quality sound.” Bass is also mentioned, and worth bringing up because it’s supposed to be punchy, but not overwhelming. We shall put these claims to the test, of course.

Before we go one however, one small addendum. These are the first wireless IEMs I tested, meaning that in my collection of audio devices, I essentially have nothing to compare them with. I have on-and-over-ear headphones, even some Bluetooth speakers, but not earphones, so BLU-100 will be measured on its own merits, faring comparisons with similarly priced wired devices.

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