BrainWavz BLU100 wireless IEM review - dynamic connection


The Blu-100 comes with a MSRP of $50, which I'd say it makes it a good deal if it would be wired. Considering it's wireless though, the price-point makes it a great deal. There are no wireless IEMs matching Blu-100's overall performance and build-quality.


When I started this review, I mentioned there were no wireless IEMs I could compare the Blu-100 with. However, even when facing wired competitors, the earphone would still be hard to surpass. They feature great build-quality, with a more than decent sound-signature, stable connection and great battery-life. Sure, Blu-100 is not made for someone looking for a flat response, or for critical listening (I am wondering if critical listeners overlap with the folk who want the convenience of wireless connectivity), but it would serve as an excellent gateway headset for folk on a budget.

Considering its aggressive pricing, the deal becomes even harder to pass-up.

Thanks to BrainWavz for providing us with a sample for this review!


Pros Cons

-  Great value;
- Sturdy;
- Stable connection;
- Clear, crisp mids;
- Tight fast-paced bass;
- Good battery-life;



- Uncomfortable;
- Hard to find a proper seal;
- Soundstage somewhat small;


Build Quality

9.0 8.7 Audio-Quality


7.0 Design



Price & Value




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