BrainWavz BLU100 wireless IEM review - dynamic connection


I am not the best measure of IEM comfort (or maybe I am since I have such a hard time finding a pair that won't fall out). I have always had issues finding the right fit, and that’s no different with the BLU-100. Previous BrainWavz offers included a wider selection of tips, which unfortunately here are limited to only 3 silicone-pairs: small, medium and large. If your ears don’t match one of the three by default, you will have problems.

At first, the fit with the small silicone-tips was decent, but the heavy / large housing made it difficult to maintain a seal while moving around. The guides helped secure them in place, but didn’t do much in the way of comfort.

The included Complys were the ones to save the day eventually, since they offered a decent fit and ensured the monitors wouldn’t be slipping out of my ears. I imagine many users will stick to them, unless they happen to have various silicone tips of different shapes and sizes lying around, giving them the chance to explore new alternatives.


Below, you will find the official specs. As always, BrainWavz offers technical specifications in full on their website.


Driver: 8mm, Dynamic


Headphone: 110dB ±3 dB (1KHz/1mW)

Frequency Response

Headphone: 20Hz ~ 20.000Hz

Maximum Input



30 ± 10% Ohm at 1kHz

Cable & Connection

Bluetooth 4.0

Noise cancelling

CVC echo/noise



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