BrainWavz BLU100 wireless IEM review - dynamic connection

First Look

BrainWavz has always had a flair for presentation. They always knew how to make the unboxing experience feel premium. The Blu-100 comes in a very simple white box, containing a black and red hard-case & a user-manual / warranty card. 

BrainWavz BLU-100 IEM - Accessories 

Opening the case, you get a small bag with an assortment of tips, including a pair of S-400 Complys, a micro-USB cable, 2-ear guides, and the IEMs themselves.


Two 8mm drivers are nestled inside drum-shaped aluminum alloy shells. The headphones feel very sturdy, and the design is well thought out. A 60mAh battery is also embedded into the housing, which makes them slightly heavier than their wired counterparts. The IEMs are made to be used around the neck, and dropped down, to which the added ear-guides make a helluva difference, because without them, they'd have a hard time keeping a tight seal while on the move.

BrainWavz BLU-100 IEM - Earphones 

The frame in not vented, and most of the weight is concentrated on the monitors. The strain relief is made out of a semi-rigid rubber that encircles the housing, and is a slight departure from previous BrainWavz models, including the S0, S1 and S5. Despite that, they don’t seem to have been gimped on build-quality.


To connect the two drivers, BrainWavz used a flat-sheet cable, placing a 3-button remote close to the right earphone. 

 BrainWavz BLU-100 IEM - Remote

The cable itself is slightly microphonic (most flat cables are), but it’s actually an improvement over previous designs, retaining durability, while being thinner and less of a hassle.

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