BrainWavz BLU100 wireless IEM review - dynamic connection

Sound Impressions

BLU-100’s sound signature might be something familiar if you have tried out other BrainWavz earphones. It’s not their best, and I am certain there are better sounding IEMs in its price-range. However, one ought to remember that these are wireless, and I have a hard time believing that there are any similar contenders that also manage to cut the cords. Even if a cable was strapped to them, they'd still would’ve been at the very least a decent sounding, if not genuinely good.

As the advertising blurb noted, the bass is amped up, specifically mid-bass. This should in turn have an impact on the mids, but BrainWavz have managed to tweak it in such a manner that the mid-range doesn’t suffer too much. Lastly, the treble is present, and has a nice sparkle to it, but do not expect it to become sibilant or sharp. 

Lively is the word of the day, with a nice dose of warmth. 


Clearly amped up, the bass is the one to take the center-stage. It’s particularly friendly to drumming heavy tracks, where it manages to bring-up small-details as well as keep up with the most aggressive hammering you’d find. Despite it being accentuated, I wouldn’t call it a bass-head friendly earphone, and that’s mainly because the one getting most attention is the mid-bass. I managed to note some fine sub-bass notes at times, but it’s not the IEM’s focus. Overall, it’s tight, lively and manages to deliver on details when need be.


Despite the bass being the star of the show, the mid-range is not one to be overshadowed (too much). In fact, if anything, I’d say it’s more amped up than the sub-bass, and has a distinct presence when vocals are involved. The upper mids get a notable bump, making instruments shine (particularly guitar). Detail & clarity are also worth mentioning because BrainWavz has done great work bringing them to the fold.


Treble is energetic, with decent detail, and plenty of sparkle, but it’s not massively extended. It never becomes sibilant or fatiguing which makes it excellent for long-listening sessions or treble sensitive people. Lower treble is detailed and transparent, which lends itself greatly to electronic music. The upper-treble on the other hand is slightly recessed. It’s not necessarily mellow, but it’s not airy either.

Soundstage & Imaging

BrainWavz delivers an ‘in-your-head sound’, with decent width but lacking in depth. Imaging is surprisingly good considering, and manages to deliver a "clean" sound despite the track's apparent complexity (Dead can Dance - The Snake and the Moon) 


The battery life is rated at 4-hours of continuous play-time. Playing with them for a few days, I got a consistent playback experience of about 4 hours and a half. That’s more than enough for day-to-day use, and for lengthier travel, they can be recharged via the micro-USB. There's also no significant change in connection or sound-signature as the battery is drained.

It takes about 2 hours for a full recharge.


The included in-line microphone is decent at best. During voice-calls it retains its clarity, but the voice-quality is lacking (voice sounding tinny, distant).


I was expecting drop-out or synchronization issues with the IEM, but thankfully there were none to be had. Maybe with an older phone, the situation is different, but with both my drivers there were no connection problems. Not once has the BLU-100 disconnected or dropped the signal, nor has the volume gone down, or any other mild annoyance that is common with wireless headphones.

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