SilverStone Sugo SG12 chassis review - Refined mobility

Closer Look

The inside, like the rear, isn’t painted; Silverstone opting to let the silver-grey of aluminum work out the aesthetic. Of course, one ought to remember that given the shape and intent behind the chassis, you would not peer inside that often, so the only interior design that matters is the arrangement itself, since it shows the layout cleverness as well as the overall build-quality, since SG-12 has an incredibly sturdy frame, despite it being made of aluminum.

If you would take a note at the frame itself, you would notice close to the front-panel the drive-bay cages are nestled close to the front-panel, some bolted to the frame, others just screwed on respectively, the 2.5” drive-bay cage pinned down by 4 top-screws, the 3.5” drive-cage held in place by 4xscrews at the bottom, and lastly the large 5.2” external bay stuck to the frame.

SilverStone Sugo SG12 - Frame

Like the KL06, the PSU goes at the top, over the motherboard, being limited in length only by the 5.2” bay at the front. The positioning limits the overall size of the CPU cooler to a measly 82mm in height. As such, available options are cut down between either stock or low-profile solutions, for which Silverstone has the NT06-PRO lined up as a perfect alternative.

To the right-side, you have the designated spot for the graphics card, and here you get to see a bit of Silverstone’s ingenuity, splitting the small-form-factor in such a way to allow you to use even some of the largest GPUs on the market. By default, you can only insert a 25cm long video-card, but by removing the 2.5” drive-cage, you get enough space to add a 36cm card instead.

As common as removable drive-cages are, they are often necessary and without them, you are left with limited space for your SSDs. The same cannot be said for the one here, because even with it removed, you still have the 3.5” one available, and you can attach an SSD there just as easily as you would here.


We installed the micro-ATX ASRock FM2A75M-HD+ motherboard, with an AMD A8-6600K CPU. Instead of using a stock, we instead opted for Reeven’s Steropes low-profile single 120mm fan cooler. For PSU, I opted to add the semi-modular Inwin Desert Fox 800W.

Instead of opting to use a massive GPU, I went with a mid-sized one, namely the GeForce GTX 760, with its stock cooler.

SilverStone Sugo SG12 - Inside cooler

For a small form-factor case, one without cable-dedicated cut-outs, removable motherboard tray or other luxuries I have come accustomed to with tower enclosures, the installation was fairly smooth. It might not look pretty at the end of the day, and the cable management is non-existent, but one look at the SG12, and you realize none of those additions were necessary. After all, once you put the shell (top & side panels) and screw the whole thing up, you will only the see the rear panel, and that gives you little to no insight into the interior layout.

SilverStone Sugo SG12 - Installed


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