SilverStone Sugo SG12 chassis review - Refined mobility


After installing the low-profile cooler, and made some slight arrangements to make sure the wires don't end up looking like spider-webs, I turned up the machine and started taking note of sound and temperature respectively.

Unlike the KL06, the SG12 is silent, despite it not having any kind of noise dampening material. Of course, it also comes with only an off-centered 120mm case-fan, but even the CPU & GPU coolers are not really noticeable. However, seeing how those are silent by default, once I turned the GPU fan at 100%, well the noise figures jumped up.

The overall airflow as decent, and I am certain that by installing several added intake fans would change the pressure dramatically. Even out of the box thought, it seems Silverstone opted to use a positive air-pressure design, building on previous Sugo cases.

Temperature and noise

However, all of my babbling is only useful if backed up by figures. Below you will find a table with CPU & MOBO temperature, with and without panels installed. The room temperature is kept at a constant 25-degree Celsius.

  With Panels Without Panels
CPU Temperature 50°C 48°C
Motherboard Temperature 42°C 39°C
Noise level 40dB 44dB

Noise was recorded at a 50cm distance from the chassis.

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