SilverStone Sugo SG12 chassis review - Refined mobility


The chassis seems to be slightly more expensive than the Kublai KL06, and I have no problem with that, mainly because the case offers similar options, but in half the size. Silverstone has attached a $95 price-tag to the case, and while that might seem somewhat premium, there are few Small-form-factor chassis that can even come close to the SG-12.


The enthusiast in me would have wanted to see liquid-cooling options available, cable management, dedicated grommets, detachable motherboard-tray and a whole lot more. However, I had to silence him since this case wasn’t the right kind for such demands. The SG-12 is clearly designed for certain uses, and while it supports large GPUs and micro-ATX motherboards, it could also sit nicely next to a TV, pretending to be a bulky steam machine. 

It’s made for portability, as the handle at the front always reminds, and while it’s anything but lightweight, lugging it around should cause any issues for the end-user. If the sturdy metal-handle isn’t to your liking, Silverstone even has a travel bag dedicated for Sugo enclosures.

In terms of build-quality, it trumps the KL06, which I considered a well-built budget chassis. It features a sturdy frame, with really thick panels and a beautiful brushed aluminum front panel, making the SG-12 stand out.

Pros Cons

 - Clever use of space;

- Lightweight, semi-portable;

- Great Price!

- Excellent build-quality;


- Limited in cooling-options;




9.5 8.7 Cooling


9.1 Noise








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