Reeven Steropes RC-1206 review - Low profile cooling

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In my review of the Silverstone Sugo SG-12 I used Reeven’s low-profile cooler, the single fan Steropes. This week, I’m returning to it, taking note of its built and ability.

The stock cooler might be enough for the average day-to-day user (who doesn’t usually strain the PC), but a powerful air-cooler could allow you to squeeze some added performance. Most such coolers usually feature large radiators or large fans, making them cumbersome and having specific case demands. If you’re interested in building a PC in a small-form-factor enclosure, then your options are limited.

As these cases become ubiquitous, and the idea of living-room gaming PC turns out to be more and more feasible, many manufacturers have started designing low-profile air coolers, similar to the massive ones, but with designs that allow them to be fitted even in the smallest chassis.

Reeven Steropes Product Image

Looking at Reeven’s Steropes, which is similar to Silverstone’s recommendation for SG-12 the NT06-PRO, I can see a full-sized radiator spread on the horizontal with a single 120mm fan. It might end up in a smaller enclosures, but it’s not a small cooler, quite the contrary. Here’s the thing though, that shouldn’t be a problem, and after all, one of the key aspects of great design is layout efficiency. 

Reeven chose to names for its low-profile offerings after Greek Cyclopes: Brontes and Steropes respectively. Of the two, we're going to take a look at the 'Flasher' (Steropes translation), and see what performance numbers does it offer.

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