Reeven Steropes RC-1206 review - Low profile cooling

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Unlike most tower coolers, Steropes doesn't use a typical back-plate. The cooler is small and light enough to be mounted without the need of the aforementioned backplate. Instead, the low-profile cooler is installed via four studs (each accompanied by rubber washers) that go through the motherboard and screw into mounting brackets on the cooler. 

 Reeven Steropes Backplate

After that, all you have to do is tighten the screws enough for the washers to be fully compressed. 

 Reeven Steropes Mounted

A vertically challenged cooler means the heat-sink is spread on the horizontal. This opens up the conversation of RAM clearance, which Steropes handles well enough. Depending on the mounting orientation, there should be no issue installing the cooler at all. For my installation, the cooler was facing the I/O header (towards the rear of the chassis). This opens up the space for right-side RAM slots, where you can insert even a tall heat-sink RAM.

Reeven Steropes Memory Clearing

The cooler is only 60mm tall (fan included), which means it can be installed in mini-ITX and micro-ATX enclosures. I installed Steropes on a micro-ATX motherboard with an AMD CPU, and placed them in the SFF enclosure Sugo SG12. However, it should fit in chassis’ like BitFenix’s Prodigy M, or Inwin’s 901 mini-ITX tower.

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